We are a real estate development, investment consulting, and technology company


Solomon Seleshi (Owner, Project & Communications Manager)

  • Has two decades of experience as a project manager, trainer, consultant, and entrepreneur

  • Holds an MBA and Master of Science in Cybersecurity Technology

  • Has strong ambitions to become an investor in Real Estate and Information Technology


We provide on-demand service in project management in different ways such as PM as a service, PM as a software, PM staff management, and a

Grant Writing

A Feasibility Study that meets your needs!

We conduct property investment feasibility studies for residential and commercial housing projects as requested by our clients. We give quick and reasonably priced services for our clients. Understanding the outcome(s) of potential projects and investments is critical to managers’ decision-making process. Delivering a strong narrative that proves the worthiness of your investments is critical to board members, banks, and investors. Our studies are crucial tools and used by boards, banks, shareholders, underwriters, government agencies within counties, cities, and countries to obtain project clarity and make informed decisions. Each client has a specific need; thus, we approach each engagement to understand your specific objectives and necessary outcomes. We work with corporations, religious institutions, non-profits, non-governmental agencies, and governments to identify project feasibility and deliver visibility on outcomes.

Please contact us with your feasibility assessment needs and we would be connecting you with our experts shortly. Express your interest here.